Minggu, 17 April 2016

Canon G3 X Hands-on Review

the Canon G free X has got all the ingredients of a great travel carrier which is why we're gonna be tourists for today in Cambridge safe photo number one falling backwards brilliant but you could do something amazing mascara day isn't just a wide angle building toppling backwards like a drunkard shot twenty four to six hundred that is what does see that this is a proper superzoom now this is super superzoom you want to talk about change probably not but if you do this has raised June range but it is a point six which is not bad for to . adds bouquet goodness must have toys total number two and in just get your own country but for some reason I think foreign ones look more interesting harga kamera gopro hero 4 black edition anyway nice optics image quality is good from this megapixel sensor changed the focus point using the touchscreen which is used one good thing about GV yanks his day is incredibly user-friendly know it's easy to use probably the other G cameras it's meant to people the enthusiastic that movie aka geeks so it's got doyle's you can have one for sure speed focus ring and go back to the screen any self-respecting tourist must have toys photo number free self closer you could do the Canon G four YX instead of two decided over there so every shot doesn't look like you're looking somewhere else he was still look like a dude itself must have to go to number four vote of something unique to that place in this case punting come here you be posted to go on one down though it's dangerous just me and Wade auto focus is decent enough to see what i text the button is on the phone so what you company frame for everything outside of that space is what is around them what you can zoom to that is a she will use will feature because millimetres goes a long way you can actually press Done button and is likely rangefinders you can check out what side of that range and where my toys pants with such excitement and you've got stuff like Peking yes I S settings than any filter which he might need today to bloody good day good day sections picture of them just simply say cases like heart goes it sandstorm in daftar harga kamera gopro Cambridge England cap against close to it one must have choice photo number five family photo the same hair color eyes and wear spectacles speaker-to-be second coming of Jesus I'm back I'm just build Cambridge voter numbers six local delicacies in a briefing organized rebel force in source but they are very tasty and it makes it more difficult to take shaky shots with these in five axis image stabilisation it does his job well it comes in to use when shooting at long run to an eight per second round a hundred millimetres equivalent good job I S shame that guy looks possessed man overboard yeah hunting it's dangerous sea and she could like swallowed some duck poo war or or call a call to get back to work the toys are just like his visit Cambridge they have reenactments of Titanic like any characters bid for fun it's got an array of crap hard filters to ruin your images can take a load of different ones at the same time too seems to be possessed by the spirit of that nickel guy because it is Devin asian fetish video mode however is alright but nothing to shout about you have to go up the canyon range for something to make video is happy with a wise to HP video is sufficient capture those unforgettable moments from the holidays but no porque video noise performance is quite annoying actually not to ISO you can store up to give you a shiny relatively clean image above and we're struggling the dark tones get quite a bit worse you can bump it up higher but there's almost no point using it these super zoom point-and-shoots obviously store reason for being around people keep buying them won't go into why people still dunno but I can see why casual photographers might take offense to something like this it's big yes doesn't have a built-in Evo but it was actually quite enjoyable to use and images in good light aplenty shop and don't forget that massive range but the only slightly down you might have with disk error is not to do the carriage self but to do another carrier the Sony are x

Minggu, 03 April 2016

iPhone 6s Upside Down Lawn Mower Scratch Test!

about who you're recording what's up in like an upset against most live today we
have one of the most ridiculous videos we have flipped a lot more upside down
as my parents lot more she heard me talking to others liked your iPhone's
K covers this in any way we're going to take to iPhone's success is one level
atomic . goes tech case on it we're going to see what happens when we put it
right into the lawn mower blades now we're gonna be filming with the Phantom
ahd gold and over , frames per second at p for example just slow
motion goodness it's gonna be freaking epic let's get started against this is
an electric lawnmower I've never used one of these actually that's my parents
lawn mower but they explain to me how to started so I'm gonna try it out right
ok so first this goes in here and then to press this button
the battery I was wondering what that thing was I thought it was just like
some piece of trash thing to do
we're gonna try this again pressed the button and
that is the go-forward mechanism down and he was all right so we got two brand
new iPhone successes for this video
let's get the ghost TAC case on this bad boy show you how easy this context the
very easy case fan on so all you do is pop this little front off and an iPhone
just like that and then put the case back on and you're done
we've done some tests with these in the past up wit links in the description
below if you want to check out all the videos we've done with the ghost tech in
the past there's that found success rose gold let's just listen to the spill back
all right there ready let's turn the mower on we're gonna start with the
negative own first and then the one with the case here we go
I'm scared as fuck
anyone ever this why are we doing
and finally let's go find these pieces and see the damage up close
ok so I don't know where it went
DJs approximate location somewhere what one with this way i no one with that way
right so let's go take a look at this there's the screen part of the Jesse to
find the back wow
you've got the tentative from the lawnmower going right through the
lithium-ion battery and look at the top the top is just chop amazingly enough
the glass on this iPhone did not shatter how ridiculous is that it's gotten
knocked apart really far and then didn't shatter that's freaking awesome let's go
to the iPhone with the case on it right now do you think the iPhone with the
ghost tech case will live up us your opinion of the top right corner
let's go find out
check out the chunk out of the case
freaking crazy though that wasn't the best hits over gonna put it in again and
see what happens
the phones about to go in I can't believe how much damage that thinks
that's crazy that's freaking out of a powerful just after right through this I
the case right there here's the screening the carnage down below so this
is it was nick is a rose gold it was completely decapitated the battery was
sliced in half the front surprisingly did not share which is right off and
flew out and then this was in the ghost tech case the screen was destroyed early
badly and a big chunk of the battery and phone itself was tore into a lot of
these parts are probably actually still ok like all these processors and stuff
in here so I might even be sociable someone that knows what they're doing
thanks so much for watching Big Show to ghost exercise iPhones they have enjoyed
iPhone cases lots of great products on their website link in the description
down below
we're also doing a buncha giveaway select the description for those as well
that's if this video guys and more awesome content coming soon

Senin, 18 Januari 2016

Apa itu MEA ?

Persaingan di bursa tenaga kerja bakal makin meningkat menjelang pemberlakuan pasar bebas Asean kepada akhir 2015 akan datang. 
Ini dapat mempengaruhi tidak sedikit orang, terutama pekerja yg berkecimpung kepada bidang keahlian kusus. 
Berikut lima aspek yg butuh Kamu ketahui & antisipasi dalam menghadapi pasar bebas Asia Tenggara yg dikenal bersama sebutan Warga Ekonomi Asean (MEA). 
Apa itu Warga Ekonomi Asean? 
Lebih dari satu dekade dulu, para pemimpin Asean sepakat menempa suatu pasar tunggal di kawasan Asia Tenggara kepada akhir 2015 akan datang. 
Ini dilakukan biar daya saing Asean meningkat pun mampu menyaingi Cina & India utk menarik investasi asing. Penanaman aset asing di wilayah ini amat sangat dibutuhkan buat meningkatkan arena lapang tugas & meningkatkan kesejahteraan. 
Pembentukan pasar tunggal yg diistilahkan dgn Penduduk Ekonomi Asean (MEA) ini nantinya mengijinkan satu negeri jual barang & jasa bersama enteng ke negara-negara lain di seluruhnya Asia Tenggara maka turnamen dapat makin ketat. 
Bagaimanakah itu mempengaruhi Kamu? 

Beragam profesi seperti tenaga medis boleh diisi oleh tenaga kerja asing terhadap 2015 akan datang. 
Penduduk Ekonomi Asean tak cuma terhubung arus perdagangan barang atau jasa, tapi serta pasar tenaga kerja profesional, seperti dokter, pengacara, akuntan, & yang lain. 
Staf Husus Menteri Tenaga Kerja & Transmigrasi, Dita Indah Sari, memaparkan bahwa MEA mensyaratkan adanya penghapusan aturan-aturan yg pada awal mulanya menghalangi perekrutan tenaga kerja asing. 
"Pembatasan, terutama dalam bagian tenaga kerja profesional, didorong buat dihapuskan," jelasnya. 
"Sehingga terhadap intinya, MEA dapat lebih terhubung kesempatan tenaga kerja asing buat isikan bermacam jabatan juga profesi di Indonesia yg tertutup atau minim tenaga asingnya." 
Apakah tenaga kerja Indonesia sanggup beradu dgn negeri Asia Tenggara lain? 
Banyaknya pimpinan asosiasi profesi mengaku pass optimistis bahwa tenaga kerja ahli di Indonesia lumayan bisa berkompetisi. 
Ketua Persatuan Advokat Indonesia, Otto Hasibuan, contohnya menyampaikan bahwa tren pemakaian pengacara asing di Indonesia malah makin menurun. 
Oke jabatan di buka, bidang diperluas, namun syarat diperketat. Menjadi buka tak asal buka, bebas tak asal bebas. 
Dita Indah Sari 
"Pengacara-pengacara kita, terlebih yg muda-muda, telah lumayan top. Sewaktu ini ganjalan kita kan hanya bahasa. Namun sekarang ini tidak sedikit anggota-anggota kita yg sekolah di luar negara," menurutnya. 
Di bagian akuntansi, Ketua Institut Akuntan Publik Indonesia, Tarko Sunaryo, mengakui ada kekhawatiran sebab tidak sedikit pekerja belia yg belum menyadari adanya kontes yg makin ketat. 
"Selain kebolehan Bahasa Inggris yg kurang, kesiapan mereka pun amat tergantung terhadap mental. Tidak Sedikit yg belum siap seandainya mereka beradu dgn akuntan luar negara." 
Dengan Cara Apa Indonesia mengantisipasi arus tenaga kerja asing? 
Staf Husus Menteri Tenaga Kerja & Transmigrasi, Dita Indah Sari, menyebutkan tidak mau "kecolongan" & mengaku sudah menyiapkan taktik dalam menghadapi pasar bebas tenaga kerja. 
"Oke jabatan di buka, bagian diperluas, namun syarat diperketat. Menjadi buka tak asal buka, bebas tak asal bebas," tuturnya. 
"Kita tak ingin tenaga kerja lokal yg sebetulnya berkwalitas & bisa, tapi sebab ada tenaga kerja asing menjadi tergeser. 
Sebanyak syarat yg ditentukan antara lain kewajiban berbahasa Indonesia & sertifikasi Instansi profesi terkait di dalam negara. 

Permintaan tenaga kerja mendekati MEA dapat makin tinggi, kata ILO. 
Apa keuntungan MEA bagi negara-negara Asia Tenggara? 
Riset teranyar dari Organisasi Perburuhan Dunia atau ILO menyatakan pembukaan pasar tenaga kerja mendatangkan manfaat yg akbar. 
Tidak Hanya mampu membuat jutaan arena lapang kerja baru, skema ini pula bakal meningkatkan kesejahteraan 600 juta orang yg hidup di Asia Tenggara. 
Terhadap 2015 akan datang, ILO merinci bahwa permintaan tenaga kerja profesional dapat naik 41% atau kurang lebih 14 juta. 
Sementara permintaan dapat tenaga kerja kelas menengah bakal naik 22% atau 38 juta, sementara tenaga kerja level rendah meningkat 24% atau 12 juta. 
Tetapi laporan ini memprediksi bahwa tidak sedikit perusahaan yg bakal menemukan pegawainya kurang terampil atau bahkan salah penempatan kerja dikarenakan kurangnya pelatihan & pendidikan profesi.